Our precision ag services are tailored for the individual farmer and operations. In today’s world, a cookie-cutter approach to precision ag does not maximize profitability.

What you can expect:

  • Work one-on-one with you to determine your needs and help recommend precision agriculture technologies that will benefit your operation the most.

  • Work with you from start to finish, helping create and evaluate prescriptions to improve your bottom line.

  • Work with you each growing season to make improvements on the last season.

  • Focus is given to three of the largest cost inputs: seed, fertilizer, and irrigation (when applicable).

Soil Sampling – Soil sampling is a key focus for us, and we adapt our soil sampling strategy to fit your goals. Grid soil sampling, composite soil sampling, or zone sampling is offered.

Variable Rate Seed, Fertilizer, and Irrigation – Development of variable rate recommendations are based on our own research and recommendations that fit your goals and your operation.

Soil Optix – Offering much more than traditional soil measurement practices, SoilOptix® delivers the highest definition and most detailed field nutrient maps obtainable today. This empowers growers to make the best decisions for management and soil stewardship. This is a step above traditional grid soil sampling.

Data Management – The basis for what we do originates with our data management program, without good clean data, we are limited to what we can do for your operation.

Irrigation Scheduling – Our easy to use Precision Crop Management Platform helps identify when and how much water to apply. This tool was created by us!

On-farm Research – Working with farmers to do their own research on their own fields is a passion for our team. We can help you evaluate management practices or products, so you have confidence in the results!

Imagery – Collecting and evaluating aerial imagery during the season has become a specialty for our team. We have access to drone imagery as well we have partnered with Ceres Imaging.