2015 John Deere DR24 – 24R30″


2015 John Deere DR24 Planter – 24R30
In-Furrow Fertilizer (SurePoint PR17, 6 sections, Keeton Seed Firmer, 2%/10gal and 5%/15gal Dosatrons)
Starter 2×0 Fertilizer (SurePoint D115, 6 section Gen 1 LiquiShift and harnessing for Sentinel Row Monitoring)
RowCommand Row Clutches
Hydraulic Drive
Orthman TruTracker Impliment Guidance (Receiver not included)
Precision Planting DeltaForce Downforce
(4) SmartFirmers
Gen 2 SeedSense Monitor
Dawn Fixed Row Cleaners with No-Till Coulter (no coulters mounted)
Well maintained planter.
SN: 1AODR24RCF0760115
Orthman SN: 031501

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