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Is grid soil sampling better than zone sampling?

Grid soil sampling versus zone management sampling has been debated for several years. Both have their advantages. In my opinion, zone management sampling is best used when zones can be based off of historic yield potential (yield maps or farmer’s knowledge). Zone management based sampling should be cheaper than grid sampling because you are taking fewer samples per field. In contrast, with grid sampling you usually collect more samples per field in order to get a higher resolution or better “picture” of variability within the field. If low pH is a concern I would definitely recommend grid sampling to better define the areas that need lime and those areas that do not.
In most cases, both grid soil sampling and zone management based soil sampling is a big improvement over uniform management! The debate over grid vs. zone comes down to the farmer’s goals and each individual field. If you suspect a large amount of variability scattered throughout the field then grid sampling will be best. However, if you have large areas with a uniform yield history then zone sampling will save you money.

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