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Wheat Max EditedWheat-max is a total fertility program designed specifically for the dryland and irrigated wheat in the region by Godsey Precision Ag, LLC. Predicting season long N, S. and Cl needs of wheat is nearly impossible when done prior to planting. Wheat-Max is designed to use pre-plant soil samples and in-season monitoring of nitrogen (N), sulfur (S), and chloride (Cl) to increase nutrient use efficiency and maximize profit.

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The wheat-max program can be customized for each producer and each field. Each situation can be customized from the following:

Example: Over a 2-year period on 5,000 ac, under drastically different yield conditions, we have saved an average of $6-8/acre on nitrogen by accurately assessing in-season N needs of the crop. This was for one producer.


Figure 1. N-Rich strip is darker green compared to field indicating more N is needed.

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Pricing depends on soil sampling requested and acres enrolled in program. Below is an itemized list of several services offered. Contact us to get a price for a customized package.