Godsey Ag

Godsey Precision Ag is proud to offer the following products:




Ag Leader – http://www.agleader.com/

Ag Leader’s is a world class supplier of Precision Ag products and is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations in technology, quality, and service. They strive to develop new technologies, products, and support systems to create a product line of unmatched range, quality, and customer satisfaction.







Graham Electric Planter – http://grahamelectricplanter.com/

Graham offers a range of precision ag products to enhance productivity or increase efficiency associated with planting and fertilizer application. Their products were derived by a clear need they had in their own fields and their passion to find solutions that solved these needs. The results of their efforts are products that provide customers direct economic and environmental impact to their businesses and natural resources.







DifiFarm – http://www.godigifarm.com/

Their mission is to provide the most accurate RTK corrections and the most innovative products with industry exclusive technologies. All this while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction at industry leading pricing.”